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Our project scope was to supply, install, test and commissioning of JISKOOT™ Co Jetix Sampling & Density Meter System for SAMREF.

Key criteria to which a sampling system must be designed are that the sample must be taken from a well-mixed and representative point in the flow. This requirement is also true for on-line analyzers and makes the representative bypass loop of fast loop and sampling systems the ideal location for the installation of density and water-in-oil meters. The information from these devices can be used (in conjunction with the fiscal sample) to provide a bulk liquid density, which can be feed into a flow computer. The water analysis from the fiscal sample is then used to calculate the mass of dry oil.

This project was to replace the existing Crude Auto Sampler. With a new system that has the highest accuracy of liquid hydrocarbon sampling system It has thelowest measurement uncertainty (-0.025%)1 and delivers the best return on investment for high value transactions. JISKOOT™ Co Jetix®  

A Co Jetix is the system of choice for custody-transfer, allocation, and quality measurement where mixing is required.

The Co Jetix system is a combined fast-loop sampling and Jet Mix® system. The sampling system is integrated as part of the JetMix loop which provides optimal pipeline mixing without inducing a pressure drop in the main process. It is suitable for applications with a wide turndown of flow rates or where a pressure drop could cause a bottleneck in the process.

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$1 million
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August 1, 2021


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